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You may experience swelling, numbness, tingling, soreness and more from sitting prolonged periods of time. These can be signs of bloods clots and being at risk for DVT which is a serious and needs preventative measures when traveling. Take our assessment to see if you are risk:

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If you are at moderate or high risk for DVT you should take preventative measures while traveling.

The Cirona® portable device is easily portable, has one button operation, like a massage, and long lasting which is perfect for long flights.
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Easily Portable, Up to 24 Hour Battery,
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Benefits of Using the Cirona®

With the same technology used in hospitals to prevent the onset of DVT you will:

  • Improve Circulation
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Prevent Swelling, Numbness, Soreness, & Tingling
  • Help Prevent Blood Clotting in the Legs