ASCA 2016 Post-Show Report

IMG_5461As many as 900,000 people can be affected every year by painful and potentially deadly blood clots.  This past weekend Devon Medical Products had the honor of accompanying our partner, Midway Medical at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Annual Show in Grapevine, Texas to teach attendees about our DVT prevention systems and how they can help save lives.

Our Cirona® 6200 and Cirona®6300 were featured at the show as a part of Midway Medical’s Continuum of Care program.  Recent studies have shown that the use of modern methods of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis will reduce the incidence of DVT during the postoperative period by two-thirds and will prevent death from pulmonary embolism in 1 patient out of every 200 major operations.

With this knowledge, Midway Medical partnered with Devon Medical Products to show how important it is to use both the 6200 and 6300 in conjunction with one another.

At the show, Vice President of Business Development for Midway Medical, Jim Tobin, spoke with show attendees and discussed the features and benefits of the program.  Participants in the program provide their patients with the Cirona® 6200 for their patients post-surgery and doctors will then write a prescription for the 6300 for continued home use.

The program was designed to reduce the long term cost to the healthcare system by lowering the readmission rate following surgery due to a blood clot.

IMG_5463“Devon Medical Products is a proud partner of Midway Medical’s and we were honored to be able to co-present our product for the hundreds of Ambulatory Surgery Centers and their 1000’s of attendees,” said Chip Ross, President of Devon Medical Products.

From networking receptions to a 5k fun run/walk and important topics such as Medicare payment changes for ambulatory surgery centers and strategies on improving patient safety, the show was a huge success.

For more information on the Cirona® 6200 and Cirona® 6300 deep vein thrombosis prevention therapy systems please visit our product page or contact us directly.

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