Devon Medical Expands NPWT Clinical and Technical Phone Support Program

We are proud to announce that our clinical and technical support phone line for the extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The phone number is: +1-888-786-8164.

This hotline will assist clinicians, DMEs, distributor partners, and patients with product questions related to our extriCARE® 2400 pump or our NPWT dressings, as well as clinical questions related to wound preparation, treatment, and closure. Our team of expert wound care nurses and clinicians are available to help with any issues.

Services include:

• Clinical support, including questions about wound preparation and debridement, dressing application, changing wound dressings, etc.

• Technical support, including questions about creating and maintaining a seal around the wound bed, various alarms, and battery issues.

Our goal is to work with our customers and partners to produce quality patient outcomes and improve individuals’ quality of life. We hope that this expanded hotline will help achieve this goal. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


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