Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) we had to take a break for a moment and focus on our Nature’s Bond Breast Pump. The Nature’s Bond Breast Pump and Kit is manufactured for Devon Medical Products and has been helping moms worldwide commit to breastfeeding their babies.

The theme this year for World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) from the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) is “Breastfeeding and Work: Let’s Make It Work!”

“Whether a woman is working in the formal, non-formal or home setting, it is necessary that she is empowered in claiming her and her baby’s right to breastfeed,” reads a statement on the World Breastfeeding Week website.

Dana Ehman, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant from West Chester, PA, is thrilled that more attention is being brought to working moms who are committed to nursing.

“Working while breastfeeding is an extremely important topic since breastfeeding initiation rates are pretty high, 70% in PA in 2010 and growing,” Ehman said.

“Most breastfeeding moms are going back to work, some as soon as 6 weeks,” Ehman said, adding that this increases the pressure moms place on themselves to do it all, breastfeed perfectly and go back to work. But Ehman cautions, It’s best to take things one step at a time and get mom reliable guidance and support throughout the entire process.

“Moms are wrapped up in pumping, they literally give birth and the first question is- ‘I’m going back to work, when do I pump?’” Ehman said.

“I try to bring moms back to the present moment, get breastfeeding up and running so mom has a really good milk supply, then add the pump, and then discuss the transition back to work. With professional support and frequent follow up we can still keep things on track and work toward getting milk supply up and running,” Ehman said.

The WBW 2015 campaign echoes that support by saying, “With the WBW 2015 campaign, WABA and its partners at global, regional and national levels aim to empower and support ALL women, working in both the formal and informal sectors, to adequately combine work with child-rearing, particularly breastfeeding.”

According to Ehman, women are still facing many barriers to combining breastfeeding and working.

In her experience those barriers include no place or time to pump, worrying about backlash from taking time out of the work day to pump, and simply a working environment that does not value a woman’s rights to maintain breastfeeding.

With this year’s WBW theme, WABA is acknowledging that progress has been made in this area but is calling for more work to be done in ratifying and implementing more maternity protection laws and regulations further protecting the breastfeeding rights of working women and enforcing those restrictions.

While lawmakers, like Chicago Governor Bruce Rauner, who recently signed a law requiring breastfeeding rooms in Chicago’s airports, work on more legislation protecting nursing mothers, Ehman said the key is laying a solid foundation to help moms achieve their breastfeeding goals.

“The key to breastfeeding and working is to establish a solid foundation of a good hearty milk supply that can be maintained when going back to work.”

If you are struggling still, Ehman said it’s crucial to reach out for support.

“There are many trained counselors that provide phone help and run group meetings. Reach out to community resources.”

Nature’s Bond is proud to offer such support. Our customers can call our lactation support hotline at 888-450-4441×1 at any time to get answers to any of their nursing questions, including making the transition back to work.

For more information on the Nature’s Bond breast pump and kit, please visit their website at http://naturesbondbreastpump.com/

Happy World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month from Devon Medical Products and Nature’s Bond!


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