ArterioFlow® 7500

ArterioFlow® 7500 Arterial Compression Therapy

The ArterioFlow® 7500 is a simple, easy-to-use arterial compression pump that helps patients suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease by increasing arterial blood flow to their lower extremities. Our garments feature two chambers and larger air tubing to allow for greater air flow. The device delivers quiet and rapid compression to the foot and calf through the sleeve garments to empty the veins in the legs and feet and permit unencumbered healthy blood flow.

Benefits of the ArterioFlow® 7500:

  • Flexible: Patients can set the ArterioFlow® 7500 for 5-180 minutes of compression therapy based on the prescription from their doctor
  • Convenient: For some patients with peripheral artery disease and other conditions, mobility is difficult. The ArterioFlow® 7500 allows for therapy in the comfort of your home.
  • Accessible: The ArterioFlow® 7500 pump is easily obtainable so patients can start to see positive results.
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    What is the factory default setting for the ArterioFlow® 7500?

    The factory default setting for the ArterioFlow® 7500 is 120 mmHg of pressure with a one second delay between the foot and calf, with a 20 second cycle time, and 30 minute treatment time. The user has the option to change the pressure, cycle time, and treatment time settings.

    What if the garment is too small for my calf?

    Even though the ArterioFlow® D-303R sleeve for the ArterioFlow® 7500 is a one size fits all design, a calf expander is sold separately for patients with larger legs. Simply attach the end of the expander to the Velcro end of the calf part of the sleeve, wrap around leg, and attach to the Velcro end on the other side.

    What if I only need one sleeve?

    For one sleeve treatments, a set of air blockers must be used with the ArterioFlow® 7500. The set comes with a male and female snap lock connector that must be inserted into their respective front ports that are not being used by the sleeve. The blocker set is available for sale upon request.

Billing Codes

Pump: E0675
Garment: E0669

Item Codes

Pump: P-7500
Garment (Regular/Leg): D-303R