CircuFlow™ Garments

CircuFlow™ Compression Garments

Our  CircuFlow™lymphedema compression garments were made exclusively for patients to use with our CircuFlow™ line of lymphedema compression therapy pumps. The CircuFlow™ garments, which come in various sizes for both arms and legs, feature a lightweight design and 4-chamber or 8-chamber options.  The 8-chamber option can be a very effective alternative for patients who may also be suffering from painful ulcers or wounds and would like to skip a chamber but still be able to experience the overall benefits the device and type of therapy can provide to alleviate symptoms of this condition on a daily basis.  Features such as these provide flexible treatment alternatives and maximum comfort for patients everywhere suffering from the uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes debilitating effects of lymphedema.  Visit our resources page to download the product sheet where you will find the necessary measurements you need to make sure that your lymphedema compression garments are the perfect fit.

Benefits of using CircuFlow™ Garments:

  • Our compression garments feature easy pull handles that are attached to the zippers to make application of the garments as quick and easy as removal.
  • The CircuFlow™ garments also feature a zipper stop mechanism that prevents the garments from becoming fully unzipped during use.
  • The garments are durable and easy-to-clean ensuring long-lasting and permanent use with your CircuFlow™ pump.
  • All of our CircuFlow™ pumps feature a vacuum mechanism that allows the compressed air to quickly deflate from the compression garments after use which also assists in making removal a quick and easy process.
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    What size garments do I need?

    The most important measurement is the inseam length. Find the range that your measurement falls into and that is what size you should get. For instance, if the inseam measurement is 34 inches, you should pick a large. Then you should measure the circumference around your ankle, knee, and thigh to see if you fit the standard size, wide, or extra wide size. If your measurement is not in a range, for example 27 inches, pick the size larger than that measurement, so the correct choice would be a medium sleeve since it can accommodate up to 29 inches. Please reference the CircuFlow™ Garment Measurement Chart when deciding what sleeve is necessary.

    How long will it take my garment to inflate?

    Although each pump was designed to inflate every garment within three minutes, depending on what size garment is being used, filling times will vary.

    What if I have to end my session sooner than expected?

    All of the CircuFlow™ pumps are designed with a built in deflation cycle. To end your session, press STOP at any time and the pump will deflate the sleeve for easy removal. To further deflate the sleeve, press the STOP button again to initiate another deflation cycle. This method may be used until the garment can be taken off easily. After pressing the STOP button, the pump will not resume from its therapy from where it left off.

    What is the default setting for the CircuFlow™ 5150 and the 5200 device?

    The factory default setting for the CircuFlow™ 5150 is 40 mmHg of pressure in the first chamber, with a 60 minute treatment time and 7% gradient. The user has the option to change the pressure and treatment time settings.
    The default setting for the CircuFlow™ 5200 is 45 mmHg of pressure in the first chamber, 30 minute treatment time, 7% gradient, and 30 second cycle time. The user has the option to change the pressure, gradient, cycle time, treatment time settings, and the ability to skip a chamber if necessary.

    How do I adjust pressure and time settings on the CircuFlow™ 5150 sequential compression device?

    Although the default pressure and time is set from the factory, some adjusting may be needed based on prescriptions obtained from your physician. To adjust the CircuFlow™ 5150 for personal use, press and hold the MODE button for at least 10 seconds. This will show you the customizing options. Use the ARROWS to adjust for the desired time and pressure. To exit the customizing screen, press the MODE button twice to return to the default screen. Never change your settings without first discussing with your prescribing physician.

    Why can’t I adjust the time and pressure on the CircuFlow™ 5200 sequential compression device?

    The CircuFlow™ 5200 Lymphedema pump has a built in Lock Function that the physician and/or DME distributor can initiate so that the controls cannot be tampered with. To confirm the pump has been locked, press the knob down. If you are prompted for a password, then the machine is locked. If the machine is not locked and you still cannot change the mode, pressure, or time settings. Contact your pump distributor for more information.

Billing Codes

Leg Garment: E0667
Arm Garment: E0668
Half / Half-Wide Leg Garment: E0669

Item Codes

Small/Full Leg: D-300S (4 Chamber), D-380S (8 Chamber)
Small Wide/Full Leg: D-300SW (4 Chamber), D-380SW (8 Chamber)
Small Extra Wide/Full Leg: D-300SXW (4 Chamber), D-380SXW (8 Chamber)
Medium/Full Leg: D-300M (4 Chamber), D-380M (8 Chamber)
Medium Wide/Full Leg: D-300MW (4 Chamber), D-390MW (8 Chamber)
Medium Extra Wide/Full Leg: D-300MXW (4 Chamber), D-380MXW (8 Chamber)
Large/Full Leg: D-300L (4 Chamber), D-380L (8 Chamber)
Large Wide/Full Leg: D-300LW (4 Chamber), D-380LW (8 Chamber)
Half Leg: D-301H (4 Chamber)
Extra Wide/Half Leg: D-301HW (4 Chamber)
Medium/Arm: D-302M (4 Chamber), D-382M (8 Chamber)
Large/Arm: D-302L (4 Chamber), D-382L (8 Chamber)
Medium/Arm & Shoulder: D-383M (8 Chamber)
Large/Arm & Shoulder: D-383L (8 Chamber)