Cirona® 6400

Cirona® 6400 Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention Therapy System

The Cirona® 6400 Portable Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prevention Therapy System is used to help patients at risk of deep vein thrombosis. The device can be used in facility such as a surgery center and in the home for prevention treatment.

The system in completely portable consisting of an adjustable sleeve with compression therapy device unit attached, one for each leg. The compression therapy it provides mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions, thus increasing venous blood flow to the patient’s extremities.

The portability of this device provides the comfort and reliability with easy one button operation for patients.

It offers healthcare providers an effective choice for treatment and prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Benefits of using Cirona® 6400 System:

  • Best in Class Battery Life Up to 24 Hour
  • Adjustable Sleeves Breathable Fabric for a Comfortable Fit
  • Promotes Mobility Free Range of Motion
  • User Friendly One Button Operation
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    How long does it take to charge my device?

    From no charge to fully charged can take up to 3 hours.

    Can I use my Cirona® 6400 device while it is charging?

    Yes, however this may increase charging time.

    Why isn’t my battery lasting 24 hours?

    The battery is designed to last up to 24 hours when used under the conditions where the sleeve inflates the chamber in 10 seconds or less, and starts with a full charge. If your device is not inflating at this rate, tighten the sleeve around your leg. This will decrease the inflation time, and increase the battery life.

    What pressure settings are available?

    The Cirona® 6400 has an inflation pressure of 40 mmHg (with a tolerance of ± 5mmHg.) This pressure is not adjustable.

    Does the Cirona® 6400 device contain latex?

    The CironaTM 6400 device is not made using natural rubber latex.

    Is the garment of the Cirona® 6400 safe for skin contact?

    Yes, the Cirona® 6400 garment has undergone and passed testing for skin sensitivity and skin irritation.

    Does the device require calibration or servicing?

    No, the Cirona® 6400 does not require any calibration or servicing.

    How do I dispose of my device when my therapy is complete?

    This unit is an electromechanical device that includes printed circuit boards and rechargeable batteries. Do not discard in landfill. Consult local county requirements for proper disposal instructions that meet EPA standards and comply with laws in your area.

Item Codes

Pump: 6400
Billing Code: E0676