Cirona® 6100

Cirona® 6100 Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention Therapy System

The Cirona® 6100 DVT Prevention Therapy Pump is the first DVT pneumatic compression therapy device designed and manufactured by Devon Medical Products. This device assists in providing patients adequate blood circulation in their lower extremities through gentle, yet powerful compression to aid in the prevention of painful blood clots, known as deep vein thrombosis. The system consists of a pump and a pair of soft compression sleeves that wrap around the calf, calf-thigh, or foot on each leg or foot. Air compression inflates the garments during a 60-second automatically timed cycle to mimic the body’s natural walking functionality and help prevent this painful, potentially deadly condition.

Benefits of using Cirona® 6100 System:

  • Breathable: The compression sleeves are made of soft fabric for ultimate comfort while in use.
  • Effective: The 6100 provides powerful, yet comfortable pneumatic compression therapy for patients to help prevent the onset of DVT.
  • Adjustable: Treatment can be paused or started anytime unilaterally or bilaterally.
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    Does the 6100 pump operate only when plugged in?

    Yes. The pump works only when it is plugged into a safe and grounded outlet. The 6200 and 6300 both can operate off of battery power.

    What is the difference between Lymphedema compression and vascular compression?

    Lymphedema compression is characterized by a slow inflation/deflation cycle, designed to pull the lymphatic fluid out of the tissue of the arm or leg and into the circulatory system.
    Vascular compression is to prevent deep vein thrombosis and is characterized by a rapid inflation/deflation cycle which forces the blood up through the deep veins of the legs, supporting circulation to prevent the formation of a clot.

    Can the sleeves be worn in direct contact with patients’ skin?

    Yes. The sleeves can be worn against the skin. If contact dermatitis occurs, place a thin piece of gauze between the skin and the cuff, or place the cuff over a pant leg.

    Is the sleeves pressure customizable?

    No. For the 6100 and the 6200, the pressure is preset for patients’ convenience at 40mmHg. For the 6300, the pressure is preset to 50mmHg.

    Are the sleeves re-usable?

    No. The sleeve garments are intended for single patient use.

    How many garment wraps come in one purchase package?

    One pair (2 garments) comes in each package.

    What if the garment wraps do not fit?

    Our calf garments come in three different sizes ranging from 20” up to 32”. The calf-thigh garments come in 4 different sizes ranging from 22” up to 42”, and our foot garments come in two sizes from 13” up to 16”. All garments use self-adjustable fastener strips for a more custom fit.

Billing Codes

Pump: E0676
Extension Tubing: A9900
Sleeves: A9900
Replacement Sleeves: A4600

Item Codes

Pump: 6100