Cirona® Sleeves

Cirona® Sleeves

Our Cirona® compression sleeves are made exclusively for use with our Cirona® 6100 and Cirona® 6200 DVT pumps. Featuring a lightweight design, the Cirona® Sleeves are comfortable and convenient to use during your treatment. Download our sizing chart where you will find the necessary measurements you will need to make sure that your Cirona® sleeves are the perfect fit.

Note: these sleeves are compatible with the Cirona® 6100 and 6200 devices. The Cirona® 6300 device comes attached to its sleeve.

Benefits of using Cirona™ Sleeves:

  • Sleeves come with strong, durable fasteners to ensure that your sleeves remain secure.
  • They are made of soft breathable fabric, designed to be comfortable to wear.
  • The sleeves are made of disposable material to provide convenience.

Billing Codes

Extension Tubing: A9900
Sleeves: A4600
Replacement Sleeves: A4600

Item Codes

Standard Calf Garment: D-110
Large Calf Garment: D-120
Extra Large Calf Garment: D-125
Standard Foot Garment: F-10
Small Foot Garment: F-15
Standard Thigh Garment: D-130
Small Thigh Garment: D-135
Large Thigh Garment: D-140
Extra Large Thigh Garment: D-145
Extension Tubing - D-ET