The team at Devon Medical Products believes that videos are a great way to help our customers further understand how to use our products, show them how to apply our products and to learn more about us. Every day, Devon Medical Products strives to help our customers in every way we can. Our instructional videos were created to really show our customers how to operate our medical products and show how simple they are to use.

extriCARE® Videos

extriCARE® 2400 Pump Operation

extriCARE® 2400 Foot Dressing Application

extriCARE® Negative Pressure Patient Story

extriCARE® 2400 Pump Operation

extriCARE® Dressing Application

How to Operate the extriCARE® 3600


How to Operate the Cirona® 6300

CircuFlow™ Videos

CircuFlow™ 5150: Preparation & Use

CircuFlow™ 5200: Pressure Mode Operation

CircuFlow™ 5200: Gradient Mode Operation

CircuFlow™ 5200: Preparation for Use

CircuFlow™ 5208: Pressure Mode

CircuFlow™ 5208: Gradient Mode

CircuFlow™ 5208: Preparation


ArterioFlow® 7500: Preparation & Use