Trade Show Wrap Up: Devon Medical at the Midwest Podiatry Conference

We interviewed one of the Sales Managers, Peter Mason, to discuss the company’s recent attendance at the Midwest Podiatry Conference. Devon Medical made its first appearance at the Midwest Podiatry Conference, which was held this year at the Hyatt Regency Chicago from April 18-21. Below you’ll find a recap of the show!

Peter Mason (left) and Nick Mattiacci (right) attending the Conference – You might know us for our wound care devices… Now you know about our football skills too!

What products did you feature?

We focused on exhibiting our therapeutic devices – the CircuFlow™ 5150 and CircuFlow™ 5200 compression therapy lymphedema pumps, the ArterioFlow® 7500 arterial compression pump, and of course – the extriCARE® portable Negative Wound Pressure Therapy System, which includes a extriCARE® 2400 pump, a 110cc canister, and anatomically fitted dressings.

We did not forget about our diagnostic devices either. We were pleased to refer to them in some occasions when attendees required about our handy pulse oximeters, drug tests samples, and the iRelax™ Personal Stress Management Devices.

What were the doctors most interested in?

The lymphedema pumps and the extriCARE® system received the most attention, especially our portable negative pressure wound device. Although the NPWT market has been a hot topic lately in the wound care field, it is not always used or preferred by podiatrists. They were very interested in the technology and the possibility of combining wound care with the art of podiatry.

What would be the biggest challenges for the podiatry community?

Wound care is not in podiatrists’ daily routine, at least not yet. Currently, they examine patients’ skin, tissues and bones. They diagnose what the problems are, write the prescriptions and send the patients away to the wound care centers, etc. However, with our devices, the podiatrists will be able to keep the patients and proceed to the healing process. Our portable NPWT system is very user-friendly. The pump weighs less than a pound, featuring an intuitive LCD screen and an alarm in case of misusage; the dressings come in five sizes to ensure the perfect fit for the wound; foam is no longer used in most of the cases and silicon stripes are adopted to minimize the pain for the patients. The system is FDA-cleared and so simple to use that the patient/caregiver can change the dressings if prescribed by a physician/qualified clinician. It can be carried around for a continuous treatment (for more information, please check our NPWT & extriCARE® FAQs or contact us).

How did you like Chicago?

I love Chicago, it’s a great city. This is a little early for its golden season, unfortunately. It was raining when we got there… But Chicago is the kind of city where even in the wind and rain, it still shows its charm and gives everyone a great experience.

*Next Stop: Copenhagen, Denmark – Devon Medical is all geared up for the EWMA (European Wound Management Association) show from May 15-17.

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