Trade Show Wrap Up: Medtrade and SAWC 2012

I sat down with Darren Behuniak, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Devon International Group to discuss Devon Medical’s recent trade show attendance.

Devon Medical were exhibitors at both Medtrade and SAWC this year.  Medtrade was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas from April 11-12.  The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) was held from April 19-22 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Darren Behuniak, Director of Marketing and Communications, with clinical nurses at SAWC


Adrienne Mauro: Have you ever been to Medtrade before?

Darren Behuniak: Yes, we attended in 2011.  There seemed to be much more traffic this year for all the booths.  We were happy to see the increase in attendance. From talking with the attendees, improved economic conditions seem to be the reason behind the higher attendance.


AM: With over 4,000 attendees, you must have met quite a few people.  Who did you speak with at the show?

DB: We met a number of DMEs [editor’s note: DME is short for Durable Medical Equipment] and distributors who were interested in our compression devices and wound care products.  We were able to demo our extriCARE™ NPWT system, our lymphedema pumps – the CircuFlow™ 5100 and 5200, as well as our ArterioFlow™ 7500 arterial  compression pump.  They were all very well received.


AM: Which product do you think received the most attention?

DB: I would say our negative pressure wound device.  The wound care market is very large and has been a hot topic lately.  We recently received FDA 510(k) approval for our extriCARE™ device, and this was its first public showing. We also spoke to a lot of DMEs who wanted to expand their portfolios beyond scooters and oxygen.  They wanted to increase their revenue stream, and since our pumps reimburse very well, they were very excited to hear that Devon Medical would help with the billing process.


AM: How does Devon Medical aid with billing and reimbursement?

DB: Devon Medical has the experts to help DMEs set up Medicare billing for lymphedema and venous stasis reimbursement.  We help DMEs work through all the paperwork to make sure they get proper reimbursement from Medicare.  We will help every step of the way.


AM:  A week later, you also went to SAWC in Atlanta.  Why so many trade shows in such a short amount of time?

DB:  Each show offers a unique audience.  At SAWC we met more professionals from the clinical side, including wound care nurses and clinical directors at hospitals.   This show was another big announcement for extriCARE™ since we could get the device in the hands of the nurses and care givers who would use the device on a daily basis.  It was a great opportunity for us to show our dedication to wound prevention and care.


AM: What makes the extriCARE™ different from other NPWT devices?

DB: There are a few key differences.  First, the extriCARE™ is light weight and mobile, weighing only 8.6 ounces.  It enables an active wound healing lifestyle.  Second, it’s easy for wound care professionals to apply.  Third, it has a removable and disposable canister. And fourth, Devon Medical has quite a bit of innovation around our bandages.  They are anatomically fitted, which means that they contour to the body’s natural form.   The extriCARE™ was built with care givers and patients in mind. We collaborated with various wound care clinicians and professionals to design the device. We were happy to see that these efforts paid off.


AM: You traditionally give away autographed sports jerseys and memorabilia as giveaways at these shows. What was the giveaway this time? 

DM: For Medtrade, we gave the attendees the opportunity to play mini-basketball in our booth as a break from the trade show grind.  We gave away hundreds of basketballs.  At the SAWC show, we  raffled off an extriCARE™ iPad!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, especially our winner: Carmen Oguz from the North Sunflower Medical Center!


Katie Syben, our Marketing and Sales Coordinator, demonstrating the extriCARE™

Devon Medical will also be at the Medtrade and SAWC fall shows.

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