Video Release: extriCARE® Negative Wound Therapy System (NPWT) Foot Dressing Application

We have just announced the world availability of our foot dressing for treatment of non-healing wounds on the toes and forefoot. This revolutionizing dressing kit not only adds to our various extriCARE® NPWT dressings, but also fills a void in the field of patient care. Here is a video we made to show you how to create a tight seal caring for wounds on the foot with our extriCARE® NPWT System.

In this instructional video, you will see the simple but powerful components of the foot dressing kit: a silicone gel strip pack, a spoon-shaped nonwoven dressing pad, four nonwoven dressings for use between the toes, a transparent polyurethane skin drape, and an adhesive polyurethane suction bell with connection tubing. You will learn how to prepare the wound, apply the dressing properly, and connect to the pump.

We work closely with wound care professionals and caregivers to support patients’ needs. If you are a patient who needs treatment support, a wound care professional, or a DME/distributor interested in learning more about the extriCARE® NPWT system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.